I am posting this from New Zealand and although we do not have SHB in our country, I read a very interesting article in our local National Beekeepers Association journal, The New Zealand Beekeeper of a control method they are using in Australia.We beekeepers need all the help we can get, and as I get so much useful information from this forum, I thought I should share this with all of you.
If it works it could be an effective method of controlling SHB.
The method is to use Chux disposal multi purpose kitchen cloths. I am sure if you don't have Chux that you will have a similar product in your hardware stores or supermarkets.
Place the fresh cloth across the top of the frames of the top honey super every couple of weeks, when new supers are put on to replace the ones taken off for extraction. The bees do not like the cloth and try to take them apart and out of the hive and in the process they make them fluffy.
The beetles move up to the top of the hive to get away from the light and the bees and get caught in cloth, where they either die from starvation or the bees get hold of them and dispatch them.
I know that the Northern Hemisphere is just coming out of winter but this may be helpful in a couple of months time
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