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    Default Low Tech Observation hive


    I am hiving my first package this April. I'd like to do a VERY low tech obsevation hive. Will the following work:

    1. Take a medium, 8-frame hive body (unassembled). Using a jig saw, cut out the center of both long sides to within about 1.5 inches of the top, bottom and sides. Leave the short sides (ones that hold the frames) alone.

    2. Glue in a piece of glass on the interior surface of both sides to cover the area I cut out. Use cutout wood to cover glass so bees will have their darkness??

    3. Put in foundationless frames and hive the package. Enjoy watching the bees work!

    Total price is about $30, including the glass and medium hive body. Will this work? Has anyone done this before?
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