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FP…my oa crystals dissolved just fine in the sugar syrup…no alcohol needed. And I’d think getting the mixture right would be important no matter how you planned to apply it.
This is surely one downside. Another is the need for extra hardware. And last but surely not least, if you have a couple of dozen (or more) beeyards making one trip to each is a lot simpler and less labor intensive than making three.

As in many things beekeeping…..there is no one size fits all.
I’m glad you like the fogging….for me the one time dribble looks good.
You mix the OA right in your sugar water, that’s saves you several steps. How much per gallon? How much sugar water per hive? How much per space between frames? Do you break the boxes apart?

You do need more equipment, a scales to measure grams, a vaporizer, which can be a manufactured on from Canada or a homemade pipe and torch. And a respirator is recommended.

You do not need to treat more if you vaporize. OA only kills phoretic mites weather it's vapor or dribble makes no difference and I believe both treatment methods are at 93%+ mite kill rate. You don’t need to make extra trip to the bee yards. Unless you are treating when there is brood with which ever OA method you used.

Could treat your hives in less than half the time it would take if to use dribble method? And there is less prep time as well. Watch the video, can you do it quicker, remember he is going slow to make the video. I will let you decide

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I'd bet the acid would wreck the fogger after the 1st use.