Good thread. I have a friend who is really interested in this method as well. He will attempt a treatment in a few weeks, weather permitting if his hive is still alive. He did treat with Formic acid though very late in the season, end of NOV think it was. Would a treatment of oxallic be worth it for him?? Remnants of the formic strip are still in the hive and will be pulled in a few weeks weather permitting. Not sure the oxcallic will do anything??

One thing I gathered from the link is that its easy to screw up. Beemandan... could "your friend" have hit the stream right on the mark and had everything dialed in just perfect for this one hive, resulting in a huge mite drop? And.. maybe the others he was not so on the mark??? Dont know this is possible or not but seems like maybe. Something to think about.

Dan in NY