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    Default What should I do about robbing?

    I am pretty sure my bees are being robbed - probably from a neighbors hive. The bees have that particular swaying motion in front of the entrance and are not flying directly into the hive.I don't see any fighting going on at the entrance and am worried my bees are being killed. What, if anything should I do about this?

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    Default Re: What should I do about robbing?

    Close the entrance down to one or two beespaces. If this doesn't help, shut it down in the evening, completely for a day or two.

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    Default Re: What should I do about robbing?

    By your description, it sound like Orientation flights. Is there fighting outside the hive? Orientation flight usually peak in mid afternoon.

    The bees have been cooped up for days and it has warmed up, they do a swaying motion flight before they leave the hive. It can also look like robbing.
    Watch the bees at the entrance, are there guard bees checking other bees as they fly in, do they let bee pass. Robber bees will not post guards at the entrance. And guard bees will not let robber pass without a fight. You can also check at dusk, robber bee will leave to fly home at night. And if you screen the hive at night robber bees will show up after first light.
    Robber bees do not bring in pollen (not much pollen this time of the year)

    If it is robbing you will need to stop right away.

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