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    I purchased 5 hives in the fall and all seem to be doing well. All hives are double deeps. One hive had several(40-50) dead bees in front of it last weekend laying in the snow cover. Still plenty of bees coming and going from all the hives. I plan on putting in grease patties this weekend and wanted opinions on whether I should open the hives or not and should I be concerned with the dead bees or is this a natural condition?

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    Don't remember where I read this but someone in a different post a long while back mentioned that seeing the number of bees dead within the first 10 feet of a hive after a fresh snow in the winter was shocking....and when they inspected the hive, all appeared to be normal.... leading them to realize it is normal and happens everyday....the only difference is that we normally dont see it.

    I would watch the hive closely..if all looks OK and all are acting within the normal range, then I would continue with what you are doing.

    Good luck and lets us know!
    Chris in NJ

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    Bees die in the hive every day, and when a warm winter day rolls around, a healthy hive takes the opportunity to carry them out the front door and dump them in the snow. Weekend forecast for Salem IN is 66 on Saturday with a 30% chance of showers. If you can dodge the raindrops after lunch, that is plenty warm enough to pop the top and put on patties or take a quick peek.
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    Where did you buy 5 double deeps ?


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