I don't know what to do with my poor bees.

The other day I came home to troubled family members who had escaped to the house because of bees swarming the swimming pool. I cooled off the hive by spraying nearby trees, misting water over the pool to make them think it was raining, putting a wheelbarrow where the dog water was and filling it up. Plus topping up the "beebath" that I keep close to the hive. They seemed to settle down very quickly and stayed away from the pool for the rest of the day.

I had already checked the hive through the perspex side the day before, so was content that it was just the 41C day that had disturbed them. They were happy over the weekend, and seeing as it was only a top of 30C on Saturday and 36C on Sunday, I didn't check them until last night.. I wish I had checked them Sunday instead.

One of the top bars has released the comb! It's fallen on the framed "rescue" bar next to it, was 1/2 full of honey and the bees seem to have anchored it to the floor.

What do I do? It's going to be high 30's (C) all week. Do I go in there and clean up the comb when I get home tomorrow arvo? Do I leave it there for the bees to clean up?

Any suggestions are more than welcome. I only want my stingy little creatures happy. They lost their queen and the babies are only just now hatching from the new queen, so there aren't a lot of bees in the hive. The rest of the bars full of comb seem to coping ok.