I have purchased various trees for my acreage in the past from Lawyer Nursery (www.lawyernursery.com). They offer four species of linden (basswood) (http://www.lawyernursery.com/categor...0&openid=130): Tilia americana, Tilia cordata, Tilia platyphyllos, and Tilia tomentosa). I contacted the company and they said, "Tilia cordata blooms in late June or early July, Tilia platyphyllos blooms in early June and Tilia tomentosa blooms in late June to early July." (No information on T. americana bloom dates, but it is listed as a having a heavy nectar flow.) I was wondering if anyone has any (bee) experience with these species. I like the idea of having various varieties that bloom at different times, but it would be nice to know which are good honey producers.