Hello, i was wondering if anyone here has fed their bees Panela? Panela can be found at mexican grocery stores, and in fact is VERY cheap here in the southern parts of United States. It is sugar cane juice crushed out and pretty much boiled till it gets to a thick consistancy, then when it cools it its a dark brown brick. It has all the molasses and other natural things raw sugar cane has in it. In fact, it is somewhat healthy, when we buy regular white cane sugar in the stores, its pretty much stripped sucrose. SO, what im getting at, is it would be food for the bees, and nutrients as well. All in all, maby overall better bee health? Im just throwing this out here, i dont want to feed it to my bees and make them sick, i wouldnt figure it would, but anyone out there use Panela? And if so have you tried feeding it to your bees. Thanks guys for the input

Heres how its made here if anyone cares to watch.