Bought an Apple Macbook. Great photo editing. Having issues.

I can't open the help topics in the help menu. Get a notice that the topics are not available. Make sure you're connected to internet. If you are try again later...for four months.

I can open and read the topics at the apple store or at a wifi hot spot in town. Not at home. I've been online with Apple for hours...had to pay them for the service. To tell me there's nothing wrong.

I went on line with Hughesnet. Cost $100 for 1 time help. There's nothing wrong with my connection.

The nice man from Packistan Sent me to a US tech. He checked everything...nada. Suggested the problem might be due to my satellite connection. There's a delay in satellite transmission, and that may cause the program to say it's not available. Really?? $100/month for slow high speed that won't allow me to read help topics. Another $100 to find out they haven't a clue?

Anyone know anything?