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Very interesting JBJ, I've tried various methods of starting cells in a queenright hive, with mixed results. Never put the cells in the 4th box among brood though, but can see it may work, I'll give it a shot.

To me the main problem would be rogue cells on the upstairs brood, I guess you'd have to go through it every few days. How does it work during a heavy honey flow, when the bees have lost interest in swarming and want to choc out that top box with honey?
If you give them plenty of cells to work promptly their impulse will be satiated and they do not start many rogue cells. By the time the unit is up to its second graft there is only one box with eggs to monitor and we like to check it on day three and again on day 6. We have never had a problem during a flow. The cells are only in there 6 days and then the unit is reworked ASAP. There should be so much brood up there they can not plug it out until it hatches. On really intense flows it helps to give some foundation to reduce webbing between the cells. We want to see the units making lots of fresh wax, otherwise they will be challenged in making decent cells.