Hi, All! I'm still new at beekeeping.

I got desperate! Just jumped right in knowing nothing about honey bees. This summer, I got my 2 hives from an almond farmer after watching youtube for a month. With no suite on, got stung 6 times on my right hand first time picking them up at the farm. Ha, found out I am not allergic to honey bee stings. Now that was good! So I made all the mistakes I can on my first few months. And learn a lot along the way. Cannot find any local beek mentor either. Everyone was busy on the summer months. So learn as I go along.
Here is what I had learned so far:
Location: Never set your hive in an ant hill. Ants and honey (bees) do not mix well.
Yep, lost my weaker but more aggressive hive to the ants in a few short weeks. Figured I still have the gentler hive compared to the first aggressive hive. Yup, one of the bees chased me almost 200 yards into my truck and out trying to sting me. Got the vid to prove too. Full of bees during that time and I thought this second hive is more gentler? I was wondering if I got the African bees so aggressive at chasing me for a long distance. So do I have the Carniolan or the Italian? Maybe a mutt, huh? This second hive also got attacked after a month or so into the Fall by the same ants after the first rain. I put DE powder around the hive floor. Does not seems to help either. There are many other small mistakes that I will share at another day.

Now I am nursing them back in my backyard with under 100 bees left in this chilly and rainy winter time. I still think I got the Carni though. But a mutt daughter maybe. Surprisingly, the queen bee is still alive. An article on beesource said in the winter time the queen bee still lay eggs in small batch. So this is true! Last week I checked and marked the queen bee also. There are new bees coming out, small quantity of pollen and nectar in the combs. She is still laying eggs and making new bees gradually building up the hive in small quantity. Humm, so much to learn and so many mistakes already.
What can others share so we can all learn too?