So I read up for about a year before I got my first bee. I decided to go with TBHs. I bought 2 packages. I screwed up and the first 2 packages absconded on me. I went later in the year and bought 2 more packages to install in my TBHs. Eventually one of them died out, the other took off. Then I found out I suck at carpentry. My TBH was falling apart. So I treated my 1 good hive like a cut out and I transferred it to a medium lang.

That hive is actually thriving now and thanks to out warm weather it is growing. In the spring I have a neighbor ( 15 miles up the road) that is going to let me take a split from his ladies. But, in order to do that I am going to have to go to at least 1 box with deeps. I am thinking about using a deep box with the other hive as well what do you guys think? Also I am going to be making SC foundation, I made molds so I can make wax foundation at 4.9mm. I have just noticed that my girls are making 4.6 mm natural cell size. will 4.9 mess them up?