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    Default Queen catcher clips

    I have the opportunity to purchase 1000 queen catcher clips. I can offer these to others for a min order of 10 at the cost of about $1.60 each that includes all postage etc. Price at this time is estimate and subject to change if the cost to me changes.

    Here is a picture of the type of queen catcher.

    I don't need 1000 clips so am looking for others that are interested in them. If I get enough interest I will order them and let anyone that shows interest in this thread know when I have them.

    List do far

    Members from another group 125 or more
    This group 90 or so
    Total so far 215
    My-smokepole 10
    fieldsofnaturalhoney 5 (offer is for a box of 10. I will contact you on this though)
    NorthwestQueens 10
    mtndewluvr 10
    Charlie B 15
    bhfury 10
    EastSideBuzz 20
    bevy's honeybees 10
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