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Thread: Brood Build Up

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    Checked all 8 of my hives on 3-10-13 to see what kind of shape they are in as far as stores and brood goes. They all seemed to be doing fine bringing in pollen with enough stores to last. I was just hoping to be able to compare the amount of brood to what some other folks in my area have.
    All my hives were queenright and all of them but one had some small patches of fresh eggs up to capped brood but they were all small amounts.Just wondering if this is what others have at this time of year.

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    Opened mind up too .had small areas of some eggs and brood and I did see some drone brood in one hive. Plus saw some drone flying, maybe 3 or 4.This is first year coming out of winter .Im wondering about this myself.

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    Queens that lay more brood than the hive can keep warm usually lead to spring starve outs so I'd say you were right on track
    You could easy get another cold snap
    Good Luck, Mike
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountain Bee View Post
    Just wondering if this is what others have at this time of year.
    We plan on checking our hives for the first time this weekend. Will let you know what we find.

    We have had some unseasonably cold, wet weather lately. So our bees are probably a little behind you.


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    I haven't opened mine up yet, too windy on Saturday. Hopefully next weekend. At any rate, I have plenty of brood in there, since I'm seeing fuzzy bees orienting in spite of the prolonged cold weather. I usually have early garden planted by now, but it's too wet and it's two weeks past the usual time.



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