Hello bee sourcers!

As I get started with studying topic on the forums here as well as a few publications and internet searches - I need some help placing the hives in my yard.

I live on 1/2 acre, established area, very few kids. I'd like to attach a few photos with hope you can help me place the hives. I have a 6' concrete fence all the way around my property. I have checked my county and city rules, I have to pay 10 dollars a year for a apiary license annually. I live in Utah, Salt Lake valley.

Anyhow, my idea is to place the hives out of sight and away from any traffic. My local laws state 5 feet from the property line, which would work perfect on the back side of my shop. I have blackberries and wildflowers back there, and it's right next to my garden. I also have a greenhouse I leave open throughout the summer on the other side.

The shop faces south, south west.

Idea 1: Behind shop, facing the 6' concrete fence, about mid-way on the shop (YES, it will all be cleaned up and clear of obstacles). This photo is looking EAST (notice the sun-line, in the summer it gets NEARLY full sun):

This photo is looking WEST:

This photo is looking south east at the 10' easement gap at the back of my shop. The raised area is my garden. The swing set is being removed this summer for the addition of a chicken coop:

Idea 2: Beside or behind my garden shed. It's a shed that you likely noticed in the above photos. However hardly any sun gets in here. Looking south west:

The side of the garden shed, looking south:

My gut is telling me back of the shop, better sun, less traffic, etc.. But do I point them toward the wall or toward the garden? Does it matter really?

Thank you for any insight and direction!