I am a fairly new beekeeper in the Capital District of New York State.
I have an 8-frame hive in a suburban backyard, which overlooks many acres of undeveloped woodland, farmland, and RR property.
The nuc is one from Brian McDonald in Sharon Springs, NY with a queen he introduced from a beekeeper in Norwich, NY.
The nuc was established in March 2012, spending March/April in Georgia before moving into our backyard.

Two hive bodies for this climate.
Bees were very healthy all season and produced brood and honey consistently.
No pests, parasites, or illness observed.
They were given a super in July, but did not offer to fill it, not a lick of interest.
But their two hive bodies were jam packed.

Hive is a combination of homemade and shop purchase.
8-frame so I can lift the sections myself and have my Jr. beekeeper able to help.

They are tucked in for the winter with 3 stacked straw bales on the windward side, and the top feeder - just to get them used to having it.
Heard a terrible tale of a hive that starved because they didn't know to go up and eat from the feeder.

If they survive the winter, I expect them to be ready to split in early summer, given their vitality last year and that it is only an 8-frame hive.

Amy Carman