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    Default Honey from 1st year hive question

    Wasn't sure how to word the title and this is probably a no-brainer but humour me.
    While going through our inventory of supers and frames I saw some frames of drawn comb and got to thinking.

    First year bees spend a lot of resources on drawing new comb.
    Theoretically, say I give a split or a package 20 deep frames of drawn comb to start.
    Would I have a better chance of harvesting honey from them that same Spring than your typical new colony just starting out?
    I would think yes.
    A med super with new foundation could probably be added at the same time.

    Can't wait for Spring...

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    Default Re: Honey from 1st year hive question

    Yes, some northern beeks shake there bees out each fall and start over each spring with nothing but packages and drawn comb. They produce lots of honey that way. The key is getting your packages before your main flow.

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    Default Re: Honey from 1st year hive question

    I always put my new packages on drawn comb with a frame of honey and have goten a lot of honey off packages but I dont put the second box on untill the first round of brood emerges.
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