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    Default dry sugar poured in deeps ?

    I have just been reading that some beekeepers will pour very fine granulated sugar into the brood box near the back wall of the hive (farthest from the entrance) , and just let it flow down thru the frames , some sits on the top bars , and some will stick to the comb on the way down , and some will flow down thru the bottom deep and end up on the bottom board.

    I understand this will help feed some hives that will not come to the top for food during cold weather , it sounds feasible to me.

    Are there any problems with this method that may be detrimental to the hive?

    This is not regular sugar but "berry" sugar which is very fine , apparently the bees will use it instead of throwing it out of the hive.


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    Default Re: dry sugar poured in deeps ?

    bees move up in winter I have had them starve with honey within an inch of them sideways so IMO I think the sugar should bee placed above them so that when they move up they will run into it. Now on warm days they will move around to get sugar soooooo
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    Default Re: dry sugar poured in deeps ?

    If the hives feel light, I typically dump it on the inner cover around the hole. When the weather is warm enough for them to move around they are often up there munching away at it. Additionally, I think the dry sugar helps collect moisture from the hive.

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    Default Re: dry sugar poured in deeps ?

    If you don't have an inner cover you could lay newspaper down and put the sugar on that leaving room for the cover to go back on... pouring it down into the hive seems like a messy way to do it. If you don't have entrance reducers on it might also attract the mice.


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