Just registered with this site and I really enjoy reading all the comments. We've been raising bees in Warre Hives since 2009.

I could never understand why we harvest honey in the fall. Why are we taking away honey stores at the time they need them the most? I believe that the fall honey harvest is a necessity of the Langs, that has somehow become accepted as a rule. The Lang Hive must remove their supers in the fall, otherwise the heat needed for winter survival will escape into the supers where the queen can not go. This is neither right or wrong, it is just something to be done with this style Hive. We never touch our hives in the fall, only in the spring.

Also saw some posts on how many boxes are needed. We have 7 hives (started with 2). We have had successful overwintering in hives with only 1 box of honey. They dont need a lot in the Warre design.