I've done some searching on the site and have come up empty handed on whether deciding to start a hive in my backyard has any bearing on the type/number of pets I have. So, is this just unspoken common sense that I can have my dogs, cat and honeys as well? The bees who visit my yard in the spring and summer do not seem to bother me or my furry companions, but having a hive in the yard is another story...to me, anyway.

After much research from you wonderful folks, I am leaning towards a Lang hive. Should I lift it further from the ground to prevent curious doxies from bothering it? Tinkling on it? Is there a recommended height that I should start with? Kitties from climbing it?

I have much to learn still before even thinking of purchasing any needed equipment, let alone bees, but this is my first real concern before I can even think about having a hive... perhaps, after reading one of the posts, maybe a few stings will help with the arthritis one has...

Thanks for any input.