HELP... Need some info from good woodworkers. I recently had a question from a couple of people who have used my system for cutting hand holds, utilizing the jig and plans on UTube. Specifically, can the Skil Saw be set to make an undercut handle rather than a straight or slightly protruding cut. Here was my answer, but, as you can see, much of what I said, is what I have been told, not tried. Can anyone comment, have you tried it. Will it work.

I have my Skil Saw blade, set on 20 degrees table tilt, ( a $39.00 Skil Saw), I like that grip better than those exaggerated undercuts that cut into your fingers. The 20 degrees will make a fat gripping surface that protrudes slightly and I think is comfortable for lifting deep and shallow boxes. It seems to me that the table tilt set on 10 degrees (or maybe it was 15), will make a straight cut. I haven't changed my saw tilt since 2002. Made several thousand boxes since then. Changed blade one time, and that was to put on a thicker (stiffer) blade, with inserts, than the one used in the video.

If you are asking if you can make those cuts with the razor edge and under slant, I don't know. Until beesource (Barry), made up a new set of drawings for my invention, I did not even know that they made left hand and right hand circular saws. Mine have always been right hand saws.

While I have never tried it, I have been told, that, if you used a left hand saw, set on 15 or 20 degrees table tilt, it may produce the undercut, cut. I have never tried it. I don't have a left hand saw. However, if you use a left hand saw, it would seem to me that you would need to use the stop on the right, because the rotation of the blade will be opposite of the video. Rather than pushing against the side safety stop on the left, the rotation of the blade would be pushing against the right stop, and you would need to rock the saw from the left side. If you try this, PLEASE be careful. I have never tried it.

Does anyone know if this will work. What about it Daniel Y,.... other good woodworkers,...... I don't have a left hand saw. I know there are many who like the deep undercut handles.