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    Default Plastic Perfection Gate

    Anyone use one of these?

    I am no big fan of the standard scissors type gate. Never can get one set just the way I want it. But at 4 times the price that perfection gate better be perfect. How easy is it to adjust to get the exact flow speed you want for filling?


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    Default Re: Plastic Perfection Gate

    I bought one of those a couple years ago thinking it was going to solve my bottling problems, I was wrong, it was actually worse than bottling with those cheap plastic bucket scissors valves (the kind you don't like), which is what I currently use. One of these days I will probably be getting a much better one, like those stainless valves that are about 3 times as expensive as the one you are asking about. I found the perfection gate hard to open and shut smoothly, and because of the way the flow is cut off, on a curve of sorts, getting the jar lined up properly and having to kind of follow the flow as it shuts off to be annoying to me. John

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    Default Re: Plastic Perfection Gate

    I found it leaked when not in use unless I tightened the spring on it. But so does my stainless steel dripless valve that was on sale from Mann Lake though not as badly. The guy who does my bottling actually preferred the Brushy Mountain valve just to confuse your decision.


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