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    Quote Originally Posted by deknow View Post
    Let's talk about what beekeepers actually do rather than what they should do.
    But back to basics, what ever you are "sure" large beekeepers do, my origional statement stands. A hive dying / dead of disease, is an open invitation to robbers. It is far more likely to spread disease to the robbing hives, than a healthy one that's been fed.

    I think your agument that all commercial hives are sick, and all commercial hives get robbed if they get fed, draws attention to your complete lack of experience of what "actually happens", with all due respect, you have bought into some of the dogma that is propagated on the subject, which is based on the worst ever cases that have happened, and then embellished considerably in the imaginations of some before the retelling. The reality is not that commercial beekeepers are bumbling fools who cannot even make a living from their bees.
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