i believe the 'unique forum rules' are part of the cause for some of the 'us and them' dynamics that have plagued the discussions here.

the problem is that there is no uniformly agreed upon definition of 'treatment free'.

steveng, who has the honor and distinction have having the sticky thread 'no treatment of honey bees' on the main bee forum, is not considered treatment free by the 'unique forum rules' because he has used 'honey bee healthy'.

since barry has taken over as moderator of the tf forum, there has been open and spirited discussion about the issues that are important to all beekeepers. i think it's wrong to arbitrarily divide this community and restrict this flow of discussion.

we can all learn from each other, there's no us or them, it's we beekeepers!

i make a motion to abolish the 'unique forum rules' on the tf forum.

do i hear a second?