Hello all - newbie here; first-time poster.

I am new to beekeeping; I recently ordered my first package of bees and plan on having them in March.

The other day (after I placed my order), it occured to me that I may have a HUGE problem.

There is a large area of kudzu in my neighborhood. I would guess that it covers ultimately several acres; it certainly borders many people's properties (including mine).

It has been there ever since I've lived in my current house (several years now). Of course, it dies off during the winter, but during the mostly warm months of the year here, it is a constant problem. I have used a herbicide in the past to try and at least stop it from coming onto my own property. I suspect that many other people in the area may do the same when it gets warm and the kudzu grows again.

Now, I have noticed a purple-colored flower that the kudzu produces. I don't intend to use any more herbicide or kudzu-killer type of product once my bees arrive. BUT! since others in the area probably will, and since the bees will (I assume?) want to visit this kudzu flower I see every year.....will kudzu that has been treated as such harm the bees?

Is it possible that the bees will simply avoid the kudzu flower altogether if the kudzu has been sprayed with anything? Or will the bees not realize it until it's too late and they've already dined on kudzu killer? I would assume that this would be harmful to the bees, but is it possible that I am wrong?

And also, what effect (if any?) would this have on the honey?

I feel that I'm in a huge bind here. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!!!