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    Default Re: Brood breaks for mite control

    Thanks Jim,
    Do you requeen all your hives every year, I believe this is what a lot of commercial beekeepers do. Do you treat hives in the fall, or do you only treat when you feel the mite loads require treatment Thanks

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    Default Re: Brood breaks for mite control

    Yes we requeen every year, I think I am probably in a minority in that regard. A fall treatment is all that has been required in recent years for us to keep mite numbers low.MAQS and hopguard are two treatments that are approved for use with honey supers on. I havent used either one and have not heard real encouraging reports on their efficacy when used while the bees are supered up. I just think its real difficult to make a significant dent in mite populations midsummer when the hives are tall and loaded with brood and bees.
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