I ordered 3 Flex Molds from Mann Lake earlier in Dec. They arrived a couple weeks ago and when I opened the bags they were in the bad smell about knocked me over. Wasn't expecting it! I live in a tiny place and the smell was so strong I took them outside. It's a very strong chemical smell that I can't identify.

I called Mann Lake. The first person I talked to said she didn't know what it was and put me on hold to ask someone else. The second person said some molds have that smell and I just needed to air them out for about a week and they'd be fine. She didn't know what the chemical was either, but said it wasn't any type of mold release agent.

Well, they've been "airing out"----outside---for nearly two weeks now and the smell is just as strong as ever. I don't want to put beeswax in them because the wax will absorb the smell and the candles would be ruined. NO ONE would want to burn candles with that smell.

I asked Mann Lake if I should wash them (to get rid of the odor) and they said it "probably wouldn't do any good".

Anyone else have this happen with Flex Molds from Mann Lake?

Since airing them out is not working, I obviously have to try washing them with something. Any suggestions what I should use? I don't want to use anything that would ruin the rubber (or whatever it is they're made from).

Thanks for any suggestions!