Vermont is a small State that has about 600,000 people (That's where my family's from). I read that it has about 2000 beekeepers, which means that 1 in every 300 people is a beekeeper.

Nova Scotia (where I live now) has about 900,000 people, yet it only has 230 beekeepers. That means that here, it's only 1 in 3900 people is a beekeeper.

What a difference in popularity! I'm hoping the numbers will grow.

On the other hand, Vermont's area is about 9600 square miles, and with maybe 14,500 hives, it's got about 1.5 colonies per square mile.

Nova Scotia's area is over 21,000 square miles, and with around 19,000 hives, it's got almost a colony per square mile.

Nova Scotia has about 50% more people.
Vermont has 10 times the number of beekeepers.
Vermont has 50% more bees per square mile.

It must be the fact that so much of Nova Scotia's population is urban. Almost half of the total population (390,000) lives in Halifax.

Hmmm.... Seems like urban beekeeping is a potential growth area....

How many beekeepers are in your province or state?