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    Just getting started have enrolled in a local bee club and read 5 or so really good books. Made my order from dadant (local) and am just looking for some pointers. So far I have ordered/bought from dadant or my local Home Depo the below along with (2 5frame nucs with marked queens from my local club). I bult my stands out of house studs (untreated) and put gravel out of the bottom. IF anyone sees anything or has any tricks like orientatation handling region specific. I could use the help because like anything reading and buying is a far second to years of experience. Oh and I also have a mentor locally that will help. My hives will be in Mineola where I have 50 acres along with the surrounding 5000 of wildlife preserve/grassland/rivebottom.

    Telescoping cover 2
    Hive inner cover 2
    Screened bottom board 2
    Entrance Reducer 2

    Medium supers2/hive min 3
    Medium Frames 60
    Foundation Small cell Plasticel 60
    Boardman feeder 2
    Large 10 Frame Brood box 2
    Large Frames 20
    Foundation for Broodbox 20
    Queen excluder 2
    Brood builder patties 1

    Smoker 1
    Hive tool 1
    Bee suit 1
    Veil 1
    Bee Brush 1
    Gloves 1
    spray bottle 1

    Bee Nucs 2

    NICE to have
    Frame Spacer 1
    Frame puller 1

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    Default Re: New From Texas

    Welcome to Beesource!

    If/when you eventually have to rebuild your hive stands, I'd use treated lumber instead.
    USDA Zone 7A Elevation 1400 ft

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    Welcome! I need to order all of that too. I plan to build my stands fron treated 2x6s supported by galvanized pipe "T" supports with grease "caps" to prevent mice and ants. Good luck this spring!

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    My best defense against ants has been strong colonies. Everything else is a distant second.
    Julysun elevation 23 feet. 4 Hives, 2 years.

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    Welcome Kyle!

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    Welcome. Im a little south of you. Glad to see someone down here with bees


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