When I saw one of the long time beekeepers in town back in October, he told me to expect 50% losses. Yikes! I only have two hives...which one will it be? I'm feeding the Warre hive, but trying to go as natural as possible on the log hive. With that in mind and some of the warnings from some very respectable beekeepers about 'going natural,' I'm happy to say both the Warre hive and the log hive have come through December intact, with the latter still the stronger hive.
I shot some video early in the month with my old camera (5x zoom lens), and today with my new 50x zoom camera to show the activity of both hives.


They were flying when the outside temperature was only 50 deg.F. and while I realize it's only the beginning of winter, at least we can look forward to the days getting longer.