My niece found a red tail hawk the other day that was badly injured by a what appeared to be a dog. She called a bird rescue that came and got the bird and took it to an animal hospital. They called her yesterday to tell her that the bird would recover from its wounds but had internal injuries. When she asked what they were giving it for meds they said not much really just a few CC's of Manuka orally every few hours. I have never heard of this before.
I am very well informed of the medicinal value of manuka honey. I was badly burned in iraq in 2008 and the army dressed my wounds in manuka honey bandages. to this day i have very few scars. I know its used for internal infections in the stomach, stomach cancer, ulcers, etc etc. but im having a hard time figuring out how it would treat a different internal injury I.E. lung, bleeding etc. If anyone has any input i would love to hear it. My girlfriend is a Vet and would love to implement such remedies in her practice.