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.... I just want to know they'll be well taken care of.
I agree this is not a realistic expectation. We all know there are a lot more "Bee-Havers" than Beekeepers. A lot of folks just want to have a hive but not to tend it. That's their prerogative.

I sold a hive to just such a person this spring. He called me all summer to get me to come look at it. I had been telling him all that time to check to see if it needed feeding since we had a record drought. By the time I made it over, the hive was a lost cause with 2 deep supers of empty combs and a single seem of bees. I recommended he protect the combs until next year, but he's not following through with that either.
Contrast this to another guy I sold a hive to that worked his hive well, got honey, is happy, and will be buying another from me in April.