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    Default What to do with all this drawn comb?

    I never seem to have enough drawn comb to go around. My question is how do I stretch my comb further? When I discover a dead-out or a hive becomes empty for whatever reason how should I use the drawn comb for the next hive/colony..
    Whether it's a 5-frame nuc, 10-frame deep or a 20-frame colony do I use all the frames of drawn comb to start the next colony or just start them on a couple drawn and fill the remainder of the box with foundation?? I currently run 9 hives and I want to get to 16-20 in 2013..
    I would like to hear what the commercial guys do as well as the hobbyist running 2-20 hives..

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    Default Re: What to do with all this drawn comb?

    As long as there "good" use them for your next colony. The bees are much farther ahead if the queen can start laying right away.
    The more colonies with queens will give you a population boost quickly. I would use five drawn frames in the center of a ten frame box, fill in the rest with undrawn and start as many new colonies as I could.
    These could be split rather quickly if all goes according to Hoyle.

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    Default Re: What to do with all this drawn comb?

    I would do just as you said. Putting an empty couple of drawn frames and the remainder undrawn draws the bees up, and takes a little pressure off the swarming urge. I would date the frames, and that way you can keep track of their age. Put a couple of the nastiest ones aside in a swarm trap instead of culling them out straight away. A silver sharpie pen marks black plastic frames fairly well.

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    Default Re: What to do with all this drawn comb?

    Checkerboarding for swarm management.

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