Hi, all -

I'm glad to find this excellent beekeeping resource.

There are two hives on the 50 acre farm where I work. We grow small scale fruit & vegetable market crops. The addition of bees was primarily as pollinators. However, it seems I have the "bee gene"; I like everything about having them around.

I took a County Extension intro to beekeeping course last Spring & will be taking it again this Spring. I have a mentor and am a member of State & local beekeepers' Clubs. I try and pay attention to the wisdom pertaining to beekeeping that's offered.

Purchased two Carniolan nucs (10 frame Langstroth) last Summer. They went into the Winter with a modest mite load, though otherwise healthy, and each hive had 60 lbs. of honey. As well, 60 lbs. of honey was robbed from each hive by myself this Fall.

Right now, there's about 8-10" of snow on the ground & those that fly don't make it back to the hive alive.

Regards, Maureen (Mo)