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    No roos. They are illegal to have. As a matter of fact we are the only legitimate owners of chicken is the city of Utica because we got grandfathered in. 25 dollar permit every year and we have to find someone at city hall that knows where the forms are. Inspection by the dog catcher, it is a real joke.
    Cold doesn't bother our hens. They will go out near 0 weather if there isn't fluffy snow on the ground. Three or four will stay outside in the sun room instead of going it the coop at night. That is some of the problem because they are not seeing the light in the coop. The RIR's never stayed outside, smarter bird.
    Coop is 6x8 by 7 high. Sun room is 8 x 10 x 6 high. Yard is 150 x 50 triangle.
    Brian Cardinal
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    I eat free range chicken eggs. One of my ranch neighbors, a really nice elderly Mexican woman, and I do some bartering on beef and eggs. The free range eggs have much darker yokes that stand up much higher than grocery store eggs, but the most noticeable appearance thing is how thick the egg shell is. I swear those egg shells are three times thicker than commercial eggs.


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