Well I finally emptied my Uncapping tank and it held 10 gallons of honey. It held more but when I opened the valve it came out like a fire house splattering against the far wall before I closed it again. After an hours cleanup of the floor and wall I opened it more slowly and let it drain out overflowing the first bucket a bit, then filling the second before it fizzled out. Way more then I thought it would hold. Wife did not see luckily.

Plastic Uncapping Tank:

This is a truly remarkable multi-purpose Uncapping and Straining Tank at the most reasonable price found anywhere! Made of high-density polyurethane, this Uncapping Tank stores up to 10 deep or shallow frames for uncapping with a convenient lid for storage. Featuring a metal strainer grid that fits in the bottom, this dual unit stacks one way for uncapping and reversed 180 degrees becomes a strainer tank holding 5 gallons complete with honey gate! (See our uncapping knives on