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    Default Mann lake Plastic Uncapping Tank

    Well I finally emptied my Uncapping tank and it held 10 gallons of honey. It held more but when I opened the valve it came out like a fire house splattering against the far wall before I closed it again. After an hours cleanup of the floor and wall I opened it more slowly and let it drain out overflowing the first bucket a bit, then filling the second before it fizzled out. Way more then I thought it would hold. Wife did not see luckily.

    Plastic Uncapping Tank:

    This is a truly remarkable multi-purpose Uncapping and Straining Tank at the most reasonable price found anywhere! Made of high-density polyurethane, this Uncapping Tank stores up to 10 deep or shallow frames for uncapping with a convenient lid for storage. Featuring a metal strainer grid that fits in the bottom, this dual unit stacks one way for uncapping and reversed 180 degrees becomes a strainer tank holding 5 gallons complete with honey gate! (See our uncapping knives on

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    Default Re: Mann lake Plastic Uncapping Tank

    I wasn't happy with mine & made a few changes to it. First thing I didn't like was that frames don't hang over it to drip, they have to be laid in the cappings.
    For this I cut the top off an old supper to go on top, now frames can hang but not 10.
    The other thing was the use of a queen excluder to keep wax out of the bottom compartment, holes too large. We put the queen excluder inside a 5 gal paint strainer bag, & it works much better.

    We've never used ours full of honey like you did, only to strain cappings wax. We strain as the honey comes out of the extractor.

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    Default Re: Mann lake Plastic Uncapping Tank

    I love everything about mine except the same two things KQ mentioned above.

    To keep cappings from falling into the honey, I wrap the metal grate in a big piece of polyester fabric. Once I'm finished uncapping, I pull the edgest of the cloth up around the wax and tie it off in a neat little bundle. Then I put a new piece of polyester in, and I'm ready to go again.

    I haven't really figured out a good way to keep the frames out of the cappings. I just try to keep my cappings mostly at one end, and the frames at the other.

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    Default Re: Mann lake Plastic Uncapping Tank

    How well do frames drain when you just cut the cappings and leave them to drain?
    Do you lose more honey than you would with an extractor or crust and strain?
    How long do you need to leave them sit?
    Do they drain better upside down than right side up?
    How easy is it to drain the last of the honey out of Mann Lake uncapping tank? Do you lose a lot of honey to the tank?




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