Is this a viable option? And how tall might the supers stack up by the end of the heaviest flow?

We are buying two nucs to get started - these are our first hives. Eventually want to run all 8-frame Illinois-style, but after pricing the cost of unassembled frames and foundation, the cost starts to add up fast. We planned on moving the bees into the 8-frame, with 3 making up the hive body/winter store and have two more supers for each hive for harvest. Looked at building a total of 10 boxes/supers to get started. As I said, 80 frames and corresponding foundation adds up.

Do others use nucs exclusively and still get a good harvest from them? How many supers high can they be "safely" stacked? Is this a good way to limit initial investment (especially when still looking at getting clothing, smoker, tools, etc...)?

Thanks for helping a beginner.