Adam, my one nuc is a divided 10 frame deep that holds four frames on each side and has three deeps stacked up. They have 12 frames to run on at the moment and they still have that space filled with bees.
I had planned to run divided deeps as nucs and then overwinter them on top of the main hives.
The entrances are on oppposite sides of each other.
I noticed that whenever I would inspect them they always spilled over into the other side. I ended up laying a rag over the opening of the inner cover on ther other side.
If there were two booming nucs in a divided Deep, not sure if there would be problems with fighting.
Maybe I was getting worried about nothing...
I decided to make all 5 frame nucs from the Coates plans this winter.
Then build them up into three stories and push them together for the winter.