Over the past few months, there have been a few threads on nucs, and more specifically - overwintered nucs. I get the sense that people are often surprised at how quickly these colonies take off, and if you're caught off guard, they will swarm before you get a handle on them. So, to some extent, the overwintered nuc is a unique entity, which acts somewhat differently than a full sized colony.

I have six nucs wintering right now, and I want to make the most of whatever resources come through winter. I also have 5 full sized colonies, and I want to expand as much as I can in the 2013 season. I want to work toward maintaining about 3/4 of my colonies as nucs and 1/4 as production or full-sized colonies.

You never know what toll winter will take, but assuming my colonies make it thorough, what can you offer in terms of advice on how to manage overwintered nucs in the spring? How can I best manage my resources in the spring - and maximize the potential of what I have?