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    Default What do you think of my dead bee hive


    I installed Hive A in April of 2011 and it is very sad to realize there is no life left in it now. Photos - What bees there are were all on the screened bottom board. This hive had 2 deeps and 1 medium super. The super is full of honey and the upper deep still had three full frames of honey. The lower deep frames were empty. With the brood cells that were left I found no indication of foulbrood. My guess is that I lost my queen late in the fall and the result was this. i would assume there would be more dead bees though. Any advice or ideas on what may have gone wrong, what I should do with the leftover honey and how to avoid this in the future would be greatly appreciated.

    The last time I checked Hive A thoroughly was on October 14 and the hive was healthy and had plenty of stores, bees and some brood. The last noticeable activity was on November 10 with lots of buzzing bees. Recently on the rare warm sunny afternoon I did not notice any bees from this hive being active. In Hive B which was installed in May of 2012 the bees there have been active on every sunny day in the 50's. They still looked good today.

    Tony Teolis
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