I want to use a style of upper entrance, but am unsure of a main entrance size. I want to get a main entrance above the broods living/storage area, but below the supers I will be harvesting from. I do not plan on using a lower entrance at all, but plan on using a sbb.
I have read that using a spacer-style entrance can result in bur comb filling in the extra space between the upper and lower frames. A shimmed entrance adds pitched upper-supers to that issue. Opening the lid makes the fancy bee escapes I got useful for kindling. Sliding the uppers forward or back opens the hive to moisture, and exposes the un-painted inside of the butternut oak hives I just built to the elements.
Could I make a solid board for the upper supers to sit on, like a 1/2"x20"x16" piece that would have an entrance notched out and some pattern of slots cut into it for the bees to acess the uppers?
If not, can I just drill a hole in the super for a main entrance? Maybe to keep the supers interchangeable, drill a hole in all of them and use corks to direct traffic patterns.
What is an advised size for a hole I can use as a main/only entrance?
Has anyone tried this, or thought about this? It seems like it would be a good alternative to a true top entrance, and you wouldnt be ripping the bees front door off every time you took a peek. Maybe it would help change the traffic across the brood nest and upper supers... but maybe not.