hey this is my first time on this forum and i posted this problem in the top bar thread but im gonna post it here to coz its seems more appropriate... help me out if u can !
i have just started my first warré hive and everything thing has been going great , except due to the fact that my frames are top bar only and have no side bars to the frames the comb is being attatched to the side of the box, ( in future i think i will build with a side bar to the frames to stop this) so far this has been fine as i just loosen it with my hive tool, but being a learner (!) i didnt loosen one properly and 2/3rds of the comb has dropped off to the bottom of the box. if it was just honey comb id take it out but it has brood in it. what should i do ? take it out and let them start again? leave it and will they continue to look after the brood in the fallen comb? lets us know what u thnk !!