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    Default what's the equivalent of dry sugar in a lang?

    For lang users, feeding in winter seems to be as simple as spreading a piece of newspaper over the tops of the frames and pouring loose sugar over the newsprint.

    What's the equivalant in a TBH? - Mike

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    Default Re: what's the equivalent of dry sugar in a lang?

    There is no exact equvilant but if you have a solid bottom board you can pour sugar (and spray it now and then with water to make it clump) on the bottom and between some of the empty combs, or fill some empty combs with sugar and spray them with some water to clump them. It isn't exactly the same as bees tend to end up at the top and chew through the paper on a Langstroth. You have to make sure the sugar is in contact with the last of the stores or the cluster.
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    Default Re: what's the equivalent of dry sugar in a lang?

    Put a small gap,just big enough for the bees to get through, between two of your bars. Then you can add dry sugar and wet
    it down like Michael Bush describes. Cover the sugar and the gap with a sheet of plastic to hold rising warm air and to help
    contain the bees.
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