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    Default i live in ohio and want to start beekeeping

    i was jw if there are any way to set up a hive to the reigon you live in, i was also wanting to know how much it would cost me to get started with a few good hives. i also want to know if there is any keepers that are selling some packdges of bees and the stuff i need to start like the suite and stuff

    thank you guys

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    Default Re: i live in ohio and want to start beekeeping

    Welcome hunter!

    You might like to have a look at this thread on startup costs:

    And also threads in this category:

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    Default Re: i live in ohio and want to start beekeeping

    Hunter, you do have the right idea. People in your area do things differently and for a reason, than the way others manage their bees. My advice is for you to try to locate a local club or beekeeper to ask those questions. There are several here I believe from your state. Just strive to keep things simple and get busy reading all the old threads you can find that interest you. I would go to and get an idea what things cost. You can pay much more, but there quality is good as anyones and the budget grades are more than adequate and a fraction of the very fully priced equipment on the market. Mannlakeltd is another good source of supply. You can get free shipping with a $100 order, but they inflate prices to pay for that shipping. Just remember that you do not need all that fine shiny stuff that they are in business to sell you. Simple easily made covers and bottom boards cost a couple dollars apiece or you can pay as much as they can talk you out of. You do not need so much of it. Kits are shorthand for bend over and grab ankles! With that warning, have fun and get busy, because you are rapidly running short of time to line up bees for the coming season. Good luck and have fun.

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    Default Re: i live in ohio and want to start beekeeping

    Hello and Welcome!

    I agree with finding a local club. Clubs often offer beginning beekeeping classes, and are a great place to find mentors and get connected to nearby beekeepers. There are a number of beekeeping clubs in southwest Ohio:


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