>I'm lost, I see that some deep bodies have 5 different sizes to them. What are the different sizes for? There is a 9 5/8" a 7 5/8" and down to a 5 5/8". What does this mean?

This is the depth (the measurment vertically). The original Langstroth was 9 5/8". Since they were too heavy to lift full of honey, he make supers that were shallow (5 3/4"). Since it took a lot of uncapping Dadant came up with a medium (6 5/8"). For comb honey someone came up with cutting a standard 9 5/8" in half which makes two 4 3/4" (you lose the saw kerf) boxes and these are Extra shallows. Someone thought that having all the same size boxes was nice, but decided that the mediums were just a little small and came up with the 7 5/8" box. Dadant decided that a 9 5/8" box was too shallow for the queen to have enough room in one box so he came up with the 11 5/8" box with 12 frames in it.


I run all eight frame mediums and would highly recommend it. Having all the same size frame is a Godsend. Having boxes you can lift when they are full of honey is also. Being able to manage "by the box" is a huge time saver as well.