I'm completely new to this, I've been reading as much about honey bee's as I could and have a couple months to get as much knowledge of beekeeping as possible before I get my first hive to see if I will truly enjoy my new hobby or decide to make it more than a hobby.

1) best type of bees to start with?
2) does the type of flowers in your area decide the taste of your honey? I'm in Lexington, Ky
3) how much in cost am I looking at for a starter kit to get involved?
4) does the type of sugar water you feed bees affect the taste of honey?
5) on an average season, amount of honey, wax to expect from one hive?
6) besides wax, honey and royal jelly, what else can you get from bees?
7) I live in a neighbor hood, my back yard is fenced up all the way around at height of 8 feet. Will this be a problem to neighbors or should I find a farm to put them on??

Thanks for your help guys,I really don't know if these are the right questions to even ask.