Hi Everyone; New to beekeeping this past summer. This is my first winter and I am noticing more and more dead bees.......... LOTS OF DEAD BEES I should be saying. I can see if they are cleaning out the drones, etc. but I have about 2 to 3 plus cups of bees in a pile outside the front door of each hive. I must say it has been interesting start...... 6 colonies in the spring. 2 swarms that I know of and had a great time setting them back up in their own new colonies. Had to consolitate some prior to winter just because one swarm was in September and where we are winter comes early. Thank god for utube and Beesource.com/forums for the education. But really don't know much about all the dead bees. I feed them lots of 2:1 sugar water for about a month and then a candy board on each before I wrapped them in the winter cozys. Yes they have ventilation on the top. New Brunswick Canada.... North/East of Maine is where I am located. Weather today is nice at 15 F. Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Happy holidays from Atlantic Canada. Richard.