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    Default Equipment of My Forefathers.

    I was out visiting the Folks over the holiday and decided to go down to my Grandpa's old place. Grandpa ran the best little country store in Lowndes, MO from 1941 to the mid 80's. It was a fine little place to enjoy a sandwich around a potbelly stove on a cold winter day or eat an ice cream during the summer. At one time, his apiary had about 20 hives. He harvested comb honey and sold it in the store along with other products of the farm. Grandpa passed on about 13 years ago and I was bound and determined to do a little beekeeping myself in his memory. It had skipped a generation with his son, he decided to become a NASA Engineer instead. As of this summer, I got mine off and running finally.

    The first pics are some old hive bodies with frames. The one box in the left was a super that allowed placement of the little square boxes that made the comb honey. The boxes are in rough shape and there is no set sizing on them, just odds and ends.


    The next one is the old veil, some of the frames for honey super, and what I assume is an old queen shipping container.


    Closer look at the queen cage.


    The super with the individual square boxes is a good idea. No extractor needed. Walter Kelley Bees still carry them in the catalog, that is how I figured out what they were for. Looks like someone stole his smoker, I could not find it laying around. My Uncle told me of some other places he kept his equipment, I am going to look for more next time out. I am going to wash the veil and maybe even try it out. The canvas has mouse crap all over it but it is still in good shape. The veil itself is wire mesh.
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